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dgoldphoto.com is, spam free, and a site that guards their members's privacy.

We want to be absolutely clear on one point. We have only one policy: Your privacy is sacred for us. We did not build our reputation by selling emails or spamming wildly our members. With dgoldphoto.com your identity will be absolutely protected as it has been since the site was launched in Sept. 2004. dgoldphoto.com is totally against any form of email or mail spamming and always will be, without exceptions. The only correspondence (email) you will receive either from us, or PayPal will be receipts, notices of cancellation, one time promotional offers or feedback requested by you.

We do not have, or collect email lists and we do only access your records if a problem shows up and we need to access your login in order to assist you. In addition your Credit Card will be billed as: PayPal for David Gold nothing else will appear on your monthly bill. We're committed to protect your privacy and in these days of wild spamming we value it even more. We hope you will appreciate it.

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